Father’s Day

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Amanda LaValley:

Me:  Hmm… I sense a bit of a bias here. You didn’t post anything that says: “Happy mother’s day to all the fathers doing it all!” on the 12th of May. There are plenty of single parents of either gender doing what they can. This just seems a tad self-serving.

Amanda LaValley:  Seriously you had to take that from me dude… stfu.

Me:  Take father’s day from you? Look… I’m not questioning how proficient you are as a parent. Quite frankly, it’s not even my place to make that assessment; I’ve never been a parent nor do I ever plan to be. But you can’t deny the fact that today, specifically, you are trying to bask in someone else’s spotlight. And I certainly haven’t seen you dedicate mother’s day to all the single fathers out there, which would have only been fair, since you’re obviously using their special day to draw attention to yourself.

Amanda LaValley:  m not drawing any attention to myself. Im not saying I deserve any special “commendation” as you put it. All I was trying to do was post a picture and be silently proud to myself about how far I have come and what a wonderful human being I am raising. So leave it alone, its obviously a touchy subject and you have have no intention of ever being a parent and therefore have no place or reason to comment or speculate. point and match goodnight.

Me:  My lack of personal experience as a parent indeed doesn’t qualify me to comment on the way that you raise your child, nor the pride that you take in doing so–which was your point–but it has no bearing on me highlighting the misplaced entitlement in wishing mothers a happy father’s day without ever wishing fathers a happy mother’s day, which remains an unmatched point. Sleep tight.

Amanda LaValley:  Funny thing about being a woman you get stuck with the baby. If I knew any single fathers I would jump right up and shake their hand but to this day for the life of me I just cant seem to find any. So you can sit behind your computer and pass judgment and say I should do this and I should do that and say whatever you think I should say but in the end I simply do not give a fuck or a right nut about it or men as it comes to parenting. Which I know makes me “bias” but try getting pregnant and having the “Man” or “father” just leave and having a father yourself who just never really cared or did anything fatherly for you. Im on the mom team and Im also done with this conversation. Next time you wanna say something smart ass to me be mindful to remember that fine line you teeter totter on. One side intelligent other side DOUCHE BAG! Pick your debates with me selectively cuz now Im just pissed the fuck off that you kind of “rained on my parade” asshole.

Me:  You don’t have to have a personal relationship with a member of a certain group to realize that the group exists. As it stands there are nearly two million single fathers in America. Let them have their day. You’ve had yours on the 12th of May; this isn’t even your parade for anyone to rain on. But if this simple assertion makes me a douche bag, then you’re only reinforcing the notion that this is going to be as much about you as it is about any father out there.


11 Responses to Father’s Day

  1. Avatar MeccaSteve81
    MeccaSteve81 says:

    LMAO! Christ Pete, where do you dig up these morons? This is absolutely hilarious. I about choked when she said she’s on the intelligent side. She’s not drawing any attention to her self? But it’s HER parade? This is pure gold.

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    nice… the bitch had it coming. god i hate people like her… dumb and don’t know it.

  3. No way did she just try to piggyback on fathers day??? Wrong parade bitch

  4. Avatar BleuCrush
    BleuCrush says:

    Lol. If you are getting rained on you are wrong!

  5. Avatar pipeval
    pipeval says:

    The link says the page is not there anymore. She must of deleted it. Silly girl. Just out of self respect I hope you took her off your friends. I can’t believe how dumb that picture is. Thats like saying happy Martin Luther King day to all the white people who struggle for some kind of equality too. Yeah I think not.

  6. Avatar fastmike 88
    fastmike 88 says:

    good god. when i saw the picture i thought it was just a joke. no one could really be that self absorbed. but then i saw what she wrote. ‘facepalm’

  7. Avatar sameoldme
    sameoldme says:

    Daaamn, the more I see this posts, the more I think we are living in an era where about 30 years ago our parents didn’t give a darn about their kids huh? Not generalizing but even my parents are divorced and I think I grew up to be an OK person and have self taught values that I picked up selectively from TV, movies and grandparents. This woman says that there’s no single men out there, and men say that there are no single women out there, probably meaning worth the while single people? Some people are just so wrong!

  8. Well Pete, this is my first venture over to this side of you. For you to dedicate this much effort concerning yourself with this stuff, and why. Yes, there are stupid things out there. Let them gather under there own gravity and clump together, who cares, just step over them. It’s a waist of time. It’s not like you are going to fix this person, it just generates aggravation amongst your subscribers and the one your focusing on. I think you should use your powers for good superman.

  9. Avatar rfrazier5671
    rfrazier5671 says:

    Screw this bitch. She is a true BITCH.

  10. Avatar Planar12
    Planar12 says:

    Yeah, you are not going to make a dumb bitch smart, especially one THIS dumb. But I have to say that it’s an eye opener to see people attempt to argue with you not realizing how dumb they are. That’s actually the biggest problem with dumb people. More please!