Free Drugs

I think this one speaks for itself:






4 Responses to Free Drugs

  1. Avatar Josh G.
    Josh G. says:

    What a fucking tool! You could probably report his ass to the polise just with those screencaps. though my advice would be to keep the originals copies with your personal info not whited out somewhere safe.

  2. No way, the “subwolfer” guy is back lol. What a fucking moron. I hope he actually sent you a package and it gets there without incident. should totally record the unboxing!!

  3. just take it to the police this guy is better off some where else.
    after a quick search he is all over the place whit hate and bullshit not just on you but on everything and hes in need of help.
    do the internett and me a favor before i do something dumb…. yes i got hes email and im not to far from geting the login details…

  4. Avatar Thomas Greene III
    Thomas Greene III says:

    That idiot has the IQ of an ice cube.