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  • Episode No. 013 – Is This Your Credit Score?


    This is a sort of impromptu episode that I decided to shoot while waiting for Jess at the Wal-Mart parking lot. Just some arbitrary thoughts regarding credit and debt. This is also the first podcast that I’ve recorded without my Snowball mic (hence the marginally acceptable sound quality.) Still, it’s the content that matters.

  • Episode 12 – Second Q&A


    This is a special video edition of the HexiBase.com Podcast. In addition to the video footage from the actual Q&A session, I’ve also worked in some extra footage that we’ve filmed throughout Steve’s visit.  All in all, this is an hour and 36 minutes long video.  For those of you who don’t already know, Steve flew out here from Oklahoma to speak on behalf of Digital Designs, and to contribute a manufacturer’s perspective on some of the questions answered in this episode.

    Part 1 of 9 Part 2 of 9 Part 3 of 9 Part 4 of 9 Part 5 of 9 Part 6 of 9 Part 7 of 9 Part 8 of 9 Part 9 of 9

  • Gay Marriage

    And now, for you listening pleasure, here is episode 11 of the HexiBase.com Podcast – Gay Marriage:


    And here’s the accompanying YouTube video:

    How do you feel about same sex marriage?

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  • My Turkey Day Rant

    That’s right! For those of you who missed it last year (and for those who’ve read and enjoyed it,) this is a podcast re-make of my apparently popular Thanksgiving rant:


    And here’s the accompanying YouTube video:

    All right, onto some footnotes:

    The primary goal of this podcast / video was to bring to light the fact that most of the contemporary Thanksgiving customs are mere interjections which, by now, have almost completely displaced the true spirit of this otherwise religious observation.  Granted, the historical record is fragmented, at best.  There’s even some debate concerning the order of events in the early Plymouth, (i.e. whether or not the Massachusetts Bay Colony ministers were born in time to deliver the 1623 Thanksgiving sermon.)  Obviously, I’m not a historian so I won’t presume to judge the validity of one record over another.  All I can do is to report on what I’ve found and what I haven’t.  And, what I have found is that Thanksgiving occured at various times throughout a year and served as a period of prayer to thank god for triumph over the “savages.”

    My attitude is that you can’t take a bad thing and put a positive spin on it.  As I’ve pointed out in the podcast, that’s like celebrating the Holocaust.  It really doesn’t matter what positive ethics you parade in front of an atrocity; that’s simply the wrong train to be on.  Besides, if the ethics are so damn positive, they ought to be able to stand on their own…  And more than once a year.  Thanksgiving needs to go the way of the witch-hunts.

  • The best “Woofer Porn” ever

    Well, you’ve been asking for it, and here it is at last; some woofer porn.  Directed and produced by yours truly.  I figured I’d have some fun with the idea.  Here’s the YouTube version:

    And–as I’ve mentioned in the video description–in case some coalition of menstruating soccer moms gets pissed off and has YouTube take this video down, you can always download the original (66MB) high quality version right here:

    Best Woofer Porn Ever.avi

  • Look at how big my package is!

    DD just sent me another sub to poke and prod.  This time a DD3518; we’ll be doing some large scale projects with quite a number of these.  Here’s an unboxing video that I’ve just posted on YouTube:

    This is about as unsophisticated as my humor gets–right there, toward the very end.  Still funny…  To me…  And that’s all that matters, god damn it!