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3 thoughts on “T/S Parameters Explained (Part 2)

    1. If we’re talking about the inductance parameter, that’s literally a point along the impedance plot, either at 1 or 10kHz, so the plot is pretty much a necessity for that. But there is a handful of parameters that you can measure without it. I’ve also just uploaded a new video about measuring the T/S parameters. You can find it here:

  1. Peter,
    In Your video T/S Parameters Part 2, you show a calculation for Qms with the variable Z₀. I’m unfamiliar with this and haven’t seen it in any of your other videos. I found another website that referenced Z₀ as the nominal/published impedance of the driver, but you’ve stated elsewhere to not use this value in calculations. Could you please explain what Z₀ is & where I could find or otherwise calculate this value?


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